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Our Company

“Loving one's work is the thing that comes closest to happiness on earth”

                Rita Levi Montalcini

I never wanted to be a butcher. It was a job that I really didn't like. The reason? A thousand reasons: the afternoons, the holidays, the summers, practically every time I was home from school, my parents needed help in our Butcher's shop. After high school, concluded with the title of mechanical expert, I decided to go to work as a technical designer in a company in Asti.

This experience lasted a couple of years, after which I asked my father to be able to work in the butcher shop. I will always remember his words, he said "If you decide to work here you have to work hard and work hard". “Se decidi di lavorare qui ti devi impegnare e lavorare sodo”.

He taught me to be a tireless professional, attentive and precise. In the 2010 the butcher shop was registered to me and from that moment I decided to work with the ambition of being better every day than the previous one. I start my research of the best meats that my region could offer, small farmers with rural farming techniques.

When they ask me what work I do I proudly answer "The most beautiful job in the world, the butcher"..

Today I'm happy

From carefully selected pastures, to the precision of our cuts and to the creativity of our recipes, we demonstrate our passion for quality in every detail.
We know the origin of our meats with precision and we are pleased to share this knowledge with our customers. The excellence of our suppliers and the high standards allow us to ensure absolute transparency at every stage.
We chose to do things the right way. Whenever. No exception. We believe that this approach produces excellent quality meat. It is the right thing to do to protect our health, our farmers and the land we share.