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Macelleria Caffa

The ability to transform the past into something new by changing course.

The Special Products

Macelleria CAFFA - Presidi slow food - Agnello Sambucano
Sambucano's Lamb
Slow Food Presidium since 2001

It is a medium-large sized sheep, with a large and muscular rump and fine, solid, not very long limbs. The meat of the Sambucano's lamb is compact, savory, tasty, not very fatty and rich in protein.

Macelleria CAFFA - Presidi slow food - Coniglio Grigio di Carmagnola
Carmagnola's Grey Rabbit
Slow Food Presidium since 2008

As the name implies, this breed has soft, thick, gray fur (a little lighter on the belly, on the limbs and in the end of the tail). Of medium size, with an elongated body and muscular loins, it seems to descend from a cross with the chinchilla.

Macelleria CAFFA - Presidi slow food - Cappone di Morozzo
Morozzo's Capon
Slow Food Presidium since 1999

Bright and colorful plumage, small yellow head, thin yellow-orange legs, pale yellow skin and weight between 2 - 2.7 kg are some essential characteristics of the precious animal.

Macelleria CAFFA - Presidi slow food - Razza Piemontese
Piedmontese Bovine Breed
Slow Food Presidium since 1996

It is in the Cuneo area that the native Piedmontese bovine breed has developed and evolved to its best, once used for the production of milk, meat and for work, today bred above all for the production of meat, of high quality, suitable for the preparation of tasty typical dishes.

Macelleria CAFFA - Presidi slow food - Gallina Bionda Piemontese
Piedmontese Blonde Hen
Slow Food Presidium since 1999

Other names that are currently attributed to Bionda Piemontese are "Bionda di Villanova", "Bionda di Cuneo", "Rossa di Crivelle" or "Nostralina".

The "Blondes" are bred extensively on the ground free to graze in the meadows.

Scudellaro Agricultural Company
The free range of the lower Padua area
It is a specialized company that raises in a non intensive way various prized poultry breeds, chosen for the quality of the meat they produce. The activity was born about 30 years ago to respond to the growing demand from neighbors and acquaintances who had the privilege of tasting the birds that the Scudellaro family bred for their own needs.

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